Let ’s take a look at LED lights today?

Let ’s take a look at LED lights today? Let’s talk to everyone!

Many places now use LED lights. First of all, you have to understand the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of LED lights, so as to compare the LED lights used in various places.

LED lighting is almost a similar performance. However, because he needs a relatively large voltage, he starts it slightly slower, and because it has a higher voltage requirement, he generates higher heat, so he has higher requirements for the battery! There is also its penetrating power, which is not particularly good, but if you change it, it is still very good to choose the lamp according to the parameters of the battery LED High Bay Light!
However, the high-end LED lights have no lenses. Let’s take a look at some of the high-bay lights used in recent years. The LED lights have a good lighting effect, which is much better than the previous headlights.

Let’s talk about LED lights. Nowadays, LED headlights are almost all the iconic configuration of better models. LED light has a very good advantage, it is bright, and its energy consumption is relatively small. Another nice advantage is that it can change its shape better than xenon headlights because it is small in size
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There are many cars, all kinds of LED daytime running lights are using this technology, and even some of them are more and more sophisticated, and more and more intelligent lights have appeared, such as matrix LED headlights, smart LED lights light. And his lamp is much more stable than xenon and halogen headlights Hyperlite Led High Bay Light – TALE Series.

As an LED headlight, it means that he has high technical requirements, and its overall cost is relatively high. You can use the lamps produced by our company with confidence. . Black and white high bay lights are easy to use.

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With LED bulbs the choices are Warm White, Cool White, and Daylight. Most light sources lose some brightness over their lifespan, and aspectLED fixtures’ 50,000 hour rated life is determined by 150w round ufo led high bay lights factoring lumen depreciation to find fixtures’ useful lifespan. What is even more interesting about the LeonLite 4ft Linkable LED Shop Light is that it is linkable for up to four fixtures.

In London, Dring’s visitors often think his farm is unusually high-tech – but LED lights and trays are common in UK agriculture. And, normally, the higher 24000 lumen led high bay lights 200w the volume of mild that is necessary, the more LEDs are essential, leading to more complicated the circuitry, packaging issues, greater heat flux, etc.

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People lean on clothes and saddles. Similarly, every building needs decoration.
    During the day, the light is plentiful, and the exterior decoration is enough to make the building beautiful, but at night? The dark night is not enough to make the facade of the building beautiful enough.
    High Bay Led Lighting makes the most eye-catching exterior decorative lights, making each building unique and shining in the dark.
   High Bay Led Lighting uses the most advanced LED technology to keep the brightness of the wall light stable and high. High Bay Led Lighting uses extremely fast heat dissipation technology. Even if it is a residential area behind the building, it does not generate a lot of heat, and it has environmental protection significance. Hyperlite 120 watt led wall pack can also be set according to customer’s needs, the top change color lights, different brightness colors at a specific time to achieve a dreamy effect. The Hyperlite 120 watt led wall pack is easy to repair and install, and the bulbs installed outside can be repaired and installed indoors, reducing the occurrence of safety accidents during the installation and maintenance process.
    Every building has its own personality under the decoration of High Bay Led Lighting.

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    When the sun is off, the lights will take over the work of the sun. Similarly, the exterior walls of the buildings also need to be decorated with lights.

LED High Bay Light online

Every day we shuttle people. We see a variety of LED lights, 9 to 5 every day, shuttle to major fabric suppliers, even to wool cotton origin, looking for a variety of new and good quality fabrics, let the design Teachers look for inspiration to speed up design. In this way, he can be a new product listing day every day, so that he can attract more customers, LED lights applied in our lives   LED High Bay Light.

    A large number of LED lights are also used in the factory. The workers keep pedaling the machine and cutting a piece of beautiful clothes. Let’s take a look together to make his employees work harder and more diligently to produce more clothes. As a result, environmentalists took a banner to leak the water around his factory, and the leaders

of the environmental protection department sealed up his factory and ordered it to rectify. The reason was that his factory produced too much light source pollution! When the workers walked out of the factory, their eyes fluttered and they almost fainted. The lamp Sam used was not very good, it hurt the workers’ eyes and caused great pollution.

What is the “future screen” price of 8.88 million? Talking about Micro-LED

Dear friends, if God is willing to give you a chance to “white”, would you choose to include a TV with a price of 8.88 million?

I guess a lot of friends will say, who is not happy, I am coming. Then you really have to catch it~
Some time ago, a domestic TV manufacturer launched a TV that was amazing. It’s true that it’s just like the “corner” that I dare to ask for a price of 8.88 million. Like most of my friends, I feel incredible. Do families dare to ask for such a high price? With doubts, I finally dig into the “bottom” of this TV dare to ask for the price – Micro-LED display technology.

If you don’t sell it, since you mentioned “led parking lot light”, you will definitely not let everyone lose. In addition to this high-priced TV, I have exhausted my mind about the literacy article of this Micro-LED display technology. All right.

  1. What is Micro-LED display technology?
    As a new generation of display technology that disrupts the industry, Micro-LED is a small-sized LED. With the advantages of contrast ratio, reaction time, power consumption, viewing angle and resolution, it is stronger than LCD and OLED. It can make miniature LED arrays, transfer them to the circuit board in batches, and then add protective layer. And the electrode, after being packaged, is made into a display screen. Further, its volume is about 1% of the current mainstream led high bay light size. Each pixel can be addressed and driven separately, reducing the distance of the pixel from the original millimeter to the micrometer, even more than a single hair. The width of the wire is still small.
    The technology was first created in 2000 by a research team led by Professors Hongxing Jiang and Jingyu Lin from Texas Tech University. In 2012, Sony, a Japanese manufacturer, introduced a 55-inch full HD resolution TV called Crystal LED Display. At that time, the display technology of this TV was Micro-LED, which once caught the eye of the market, but because of technical difficulties. The cost is too high and has not caused long-term attention. Until Apple acquired LuxVue in 2014, and bought Qualcomm’s previous Longtan plant in Taiwan, specializing in Micro-LED, and even set up its own experimental test production line is really well known.

Sony 55-inch Crystal LED Display TV
Second, what are the advantages of Micro-LED?
In theory, Micro-LED and OLED principle are basically the same, they all use self-illumination technology, and display color independently, and can also achieve 4K and above image quality performance, even better than OLED.
Most commonly, OLEDs have excellent energy consumption due to the physical properties of self-illumination. This is also true for Micro-LEDs, which are more energy efficient and more efficient than OLEDs. It is said that its energy consumption is still 50% of OLED screen; life expectancy, thanks to Micro-LED is inorganic material, and its structure is simple, so its life is more durable than OLED (organic).

In addition, since the Micro-LED is composed of a tiny led flood light array, in addition to the advantages of low energy consumption and long life, it can also achieve high brightness, high resolution and ultra-high pixel count. Because the efficiency of Micro-LED is better, the area of ​​the light source can be small. Because the light source is small, the interval can be opened, which not only makes the real contrast better, but also leaves the PPI up to the great flexibility. This can be seen in the 5000 ppi Micro-LED chip published by Ostendo in the United States, which is ten times the pixel density of today’s VR flagship.

In addition, as I said at the beginning, each pixel of the Micro-LED can be individually addressed, illuminated separately, and with the high brightness inherent in the LED itself, the Micro-LED can achieve ultra-high contrast and can display a very beautiful picture.
In addition, Micro-LED can also be seamlessly spliced, it can adapt to any size and shape requirements, and it is also challenging. To be exact, opportunities and challenges coexist.

Third, the technical bottleneck of Micro-LED
First of all, we have to mention the “huge transfer” technology. This is a huge engineering project. In addition to the technical difficulties, the technology also has strict requirements for fault tolerance, at least 99.9% or even 99.999%. You can try to think about it, whether it is a TV screen or a mobile phone screen, the number of pixels is very large, and the size of the pixel is so small, plus the display product itself has strict requirements for fault tolerance, I believe no one will be willing Buying a display with “bright spots” or “dark spots” makes it possible to imagine how difficult it is to transfer these small pixels perfectly and to make circuit connections.

Mass Transfer Technology (Mass Transfer)
Second, technology integration is also a problem. Micro-LED is cut from the chip angle. Domestic small-pitch LEDs are from the perspective of the display screen. Although they are all made of small-pitch LEDs, the scales of the two are different. At present, there is no enterprise in the domestic LED industry that can vertically integrate the entire industry chain. Each enterprise has its own focus on one chip, and the chip is used as a chip. The package is only packaged and used for application. Moreover, most of the small-pitch LEDs are now concentrated in the application layer, and have not yet extended from the application layer to the upstream industry chain, and have not reached the chip layer. The small-pitch LEDs for domestic energy production are only at P1.2~1.5mm, and the smallest is P0.9mm. At the same time, the upstream organic luminescent materials are basically not available in China, and are mainly firmly controlled by foreign manufacturers such as Japan, South Korea, the United States, and Germany. This is particularly fatal.
In addition, according to the current market price, the cost of Micro-LED technology is also very high, creating a screen of more than 200 inches, the price may be 10 million yuan. Therefore, you will find that the current industry players are only slowly transitioning from Mini LEDs to Micro LEDs. After all, a new display technology will take some time to accumulate.
Fourth, the development prospects of Micro-LED
So, is Micro-LED display technology really so far away? of course not. As a new generation of display technology that subverts the industry, Micro-LED is also worthy of being “loved”! According to IHS forecast, the manufacturing cost of Micro LED will drop rapidly in the next few years, and the price of Micro LED will also drop, thus gradually making this technology gradually Widely used in applications such as smart watches, PCs, tablets, ARs, VRs, MRs, TVs, monitors and smartphones.

In addition to the 8.88 million “future screen” mentioned at the beginning of the author, Sony’s black color crystal display screen and Samsung’s the Wall TV also use Micro-LED screens. In addition, it is worth mentioning that, besides Sony and Samsung, it seems that Apple and LG are also very interested in Micro-LED. According to industry insiders, LG has already organized a low-key research team for several years. They quietly positioned the Micro LED as “Hidden version of the technology” because they have invested a lot in OLED and Quantum Dots LED (QLED).

As for Apple, there is no need to say more. As an ambitious company, since the acquisition of LuxVue, Apple has been working on micro-LED technology. Its smart wearable devices such as Apple Watch are quite compatible with Micro LED. At its simplest, they all have the potential to differentiate, including extending battery life, reducing power consumption and higher brightness, providing a good service experience even in outdoor environments.
In addition, it is particularly interesting that the above brands do not meet the collective “eat meat”, and the supply chain also wants to share a Micro-LED. Headed by Hon Hai, Innolux, Rongchuang and Sharp under the United Group formed a cross-company Micro LED team. Rongchuang and eLux are responsible for transferring technology. Innolux and Sharp are responsible for panels and modules. Hon Hai is the total. Command, intimate, very interesting.

Logically speaking, this article has been written here, and the basics are over, but the author has an idea but does not spit. Imagine that Micro-LED display technology is an arms race, and every manufacturer and supply chain are trying to “tweak” the technology. If you see it, who do you think will be the first person to eat “crab”? Welcome to share your message.