The LED light effect is the best

The LED light effect is the best, with large luminous flux, good color rendering, and very comfortable lighting. The price is also more suitable. Which car has xenon headlights when LED headlights come out in recent years? LED is used in every field. This shows that LEDs are particularly easy to use. The LEDs produced by our company meet various standards. So if you want to change a set of lamps, the price is also favorable. The LED lights are also very good at night. I drove a night car once and turned on the headlights for one minute to reach normal brightness. The discount effect was particularly good
Hyperlite Led High Bay Light – TALE Series.

In addition, the LED has a small amount of heat. According to the national standard, a single lamp with a flux of more than 2000 must be equipped with headlamp cleaning to prevent the lampshade from being dirty due to excessive temperature and spontaneous combustion, so you will find that many cars using xenon headlights are also equipped with headlights. Cleaning device. This is also one of the reasons for the high cost of LED lights. So unless you can get the original assembly, everyone installs LED High Bay Light.

The cost-effectiveness of LED lights is much higher. First of all, it has a long life, secondly it is cheap, and its energy consumption is low. LED headlights can have very good results around 20W. For general traffic, the lighting effect is good, but rainy and foggy weather and semi-unknown road conditions (such as light black and daytime tunnels) are also very useful whether it is xenon or LED headlights.